Let’s you cheat…..


Supercheat™ is a slimming formula which lowers kilojoule absorption. It can be used for those binge days when you feel like being naughty or simply have no option but to cheat. It can also be used as a highly successful weight loss formula of its own! Wouldn’t you call that the Best diet?

Supercheat™ combines with the food you eat and reduces kilojoule absorption. You can lose weight whether or not you do exercise. Because the body absorbs fewer kilojoules, it breaks down soft fat and cellulite as a source of energy. Supercheat™ contains no dangerous stimulants or chemicals.

Super CheaterThe metabolism will be increased simultaneously.


Guar Gum


Thiamine HCI

Pyridoxine HCI

Riboflavine HCI



Magnesium Stereate

You can now cheat and still lose weight! Many satisfied customers are raving about rapid weight loss – you MUST lose weight from week one. Phone us and chat about your weight problems. Our advice and support is FREE. We would love to hear your success stories, and feel free to send us photographs for publication.


Supercheat™ consists of capsules, taken before meals – you need not follow any eating plan! It combines with the food you eat – and limits kilojoule absorption. You lose weight whether you do exercise or not. Because the body absorbs les kilojoules, fat and cellulite is broken down for energy. Supercheat™ also increases metabolism. The Best diet, Supercheat™ is fast, safe, easy, automatic, healthy and natural. There is scientific proof that the ingredients in SUPERCHEAT work!

Supercheat™ – all the fun without the guilt.

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